In the first half of 2019, the german industrial association of producers of plastic roofing membranes reported sales of more than 9 million m². These plastic roofing membranes have a long durability, but at some point it's over and they will be recycled in the interests of sustainability. The plan of the Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) is increased recycling of products. The manufacturers of roofing membranes have been voluntarily committed for years with the aim of recycling all available old plastic roofing membranes at the end of their durability.

TRENNSO-TECHNIK - your partner for recycling plants
And this is exactly where the processing plants from TRENNSO-TECHNIK come in. For decades, TRENNSO-TECHNIK is standing for competence in dry separation processes and systems for the separation of dry bulk goods, in the recycling and food sector. In July 2020 we installed a system for recycling old plastic roofing membranes and production surplus for a customer in Germany. The turnkey plant, consisting of several separation units, processes the shredded and ground old membranes. In the end, the output is a high-quality raw material for recycling.